2 year olds

P.L.A.Y. Silver Lake Preschool offers a variety of choices to match the needs of the community. We offer 2, 3 & 5 half day and full day programs. These programs are designed for parents who are looking to both introduce their children to a more academic and social environment or give their child an edge when preparing to enroll for elementary school.

Toddler (2 year old)
Our toddler program offers a classroom for children ages 24 to 36 months. Our toddler program provides a loving and nurturing environment where children learn to trust other adults and begin to develop friendships. The children may participate in a variety of creative, hands-on activities and new experiences, where they learn to discover and explore their world around them. The children enjoy singing, dancing, stories, talking, listening, cooking, painting, playing with toys, going outside, dramatic play and experimenting with different textures such as sand, water, cornmeal or shaving cream. The program is developmentally based, allowing the children to develop at their own pace.

A Typical Day For 2 Year olds

7:30- 9:00 am Early Morning Drop Off. Children and parents are greeted by their teacher. Children are encouraged to visit a classroom learning area or participate in a table activity. Depending on the time of arrival, children and parents may use this opportunity to have a snack or read a book together before their good-byes.

9:00- 9:30 Regular school day begins Circle time morning activities. Children say the Pledge of Allegiance and do the daily calendar and sing morning songs. These morning routines are an important element in creating a strong familiar routine with young children.

10:00– Outdoor Play. Children are given the change to play in the sand box, water the organic garden or ride bikes. This time gives then the opportunity to do what they want to do.

11:00– Clean Up. Children finish outdoor activities and get ready for potty breaks. All children wash their hands with soap and water as they learn to count to 10.

11:30– Lunch. Here children sit on our redwood lunch tables with their instructors as they all enjoy lunch together. This gives both the child and teacher a chance to further develop their emerging bond.
12:00– Clean Up. Children clean up and prepare for half day dismissal. Children clean up after themselves throwing trash in the can and inedible peals in the composter.

12:30– Half Day Dismissal. Parents are welcomed by their children and have the opportunity to enjoy time together on the playground. This allows children the additional time a to play with parents while at school.

12:30– Nap Time. Teachers rub backs and read stories. This is a wonderful opportunity for children to bond with their primary teacher.

2:30– Wake up, bathroom break. Students use the restrooms again, wash hands and grab their lunches/ snacks as they prepare for more outdoor fun.

3:00 Snack Time. Children will be given the chance to finish their lunch or eat snacks that parents sent with them.

3:30-4:30– Regular Day Dismissal. Children and parents are reunited and parents are encouraged to spend a moment talking with their child’s teacher or engage their child on the playground.

4:30-6:00 After School Care. Here the children may play on yard with water, sand, and use push toys and balls. Indoor choices may include reading books, dramatic play, puzzles, music, and art experiences